Switching from PETG to PLA

Hi All!
How to switch from PETG to PLA? Tried to find answer in Google, but unsuccessfully. Can someone explaine this please. There are temperature difference for materials, that is why i`m worried. A1 MINI with AMS…

Hello?!? Anyone?!? Really…?

Nobody is answering because your question is very unspecific. Where do you want to change your filament selection. On the printer? On the slicer (bambu studio)?
Since switching filaments is such a basic task, you should describe better what you want to do.

On my AMS now stands 4 spools with PETG, i want to use PLA instead, if i will unload PETG and put on PLA, then in nozzle stays a bit PETG anyway and when i will run PLA i`m afraid there will be not enough temp. (because PLA coming in) to push PETG out and might be cloge.

Ah, ok I see. Good thoughts, but this problems only occur with printers less smart than the bambu, and with filaments that are more extreme in melting temperatures. Don’t be afraid, just change the filaments, we all do this all day without a problem.
First: While loading, the bambu purges the old filament with the maximum temperature the new filament allows.
Second: If you purge slow enough, even 160°C is enough to push old PETG out.

So, no problem here.

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It is no problem at all to switch between PLA and PETG in a print. Print temperature is pretty similar and the BBL is smart enough to deal with this. I use PETG as support for PLA prints and vice versa. If the print temperature is too far apart, you will receive a warning on the printer.
I have a BBL X1C, but for the A1 mini it won’t make a difference.