Sync Filaments with AMS: Sync or Resync?

Is there a description of what the difference is between these two options in Bambu Studio when clicking the Sync button in the Prepare tab?

  • Sync
  • Resync

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My understanding is that Sync sends your current config to the AMS and Resync pulls the configuration from the AMS.


I interpret this differently - all syncs are from the AMS to Bambu Studio (or Orca), and never to the AMS.

Sync: Assigns a System Preset or Generic Preset in the slicer only for AMS slots for which the filament spool has been changed. The presets (system or customised) for other spools/slots in the slicer will not be changed.

Resync: Re-assigns a System Preset or Generic Preset in the slicer for all AMS slots, effectively overwriting any custom settings.

After a Sync or Resync the System Preset or Generic Preset can be customised and saved as a new global or project-specific preset. Alternatively, a User Preset can be assigned to a slot.