Temperature settings

What temperature settings do you find our best for PLA?

Depends on the brand and type of PLA. Bambu filament aside, I confirm what the manufacturer recommends and verify it’s in the realm of what Studio’s presets suggest. Most cases I run with the generic PLA settings but I also test new to me filaments using Orca Slicers inbuilt calibration tools. IE speed, flows, etc. If I have issues beyond that with a filament such as stringing then I’ll do a temp tower to confirm or get it closer. Honestly, 90% of my needs have been met with the generic PLA temp settings tho.

Best answer!

I don’t remember where I found this ‘’ Filament calibration procedure’’ but it is very good!

you can eliminate all guesswork and filament wasting if you test and dial in your filaments.
here’s what I did:

  1. look up manufacturer recommended specs as a starting point - or run the stock generic PLA settings, either is fine.
  2. calibrate with printer specific tests / prints (Flow Dynamics and Flow Rate) if you’re on X1C don’t forget to use a smooth build plate to give the lidar best conditions possible.
  3. print temp tower – if the best segment is close to your current temp or spot on just set it there and go to step 4.
    If it’s a bigger difference (I’d say 10°C or more difference) still set to temp tower temp you like best and back to step 2, just so the printer stores new values with the new temp. if you perform step 2 again you could print another temp tower to check again - I didn’t
  4. print a max flow test - you can find it in the link below.
    I wouldn’t recommend leaving your printer unattended - you can in the first couple minutes as it starts off slow, but you are going to cancel this mid print so be ready to do so. keep your eyes peeled and your ears headphone free - might see or hear first, that there’s issues and there’s absolutely no need to waste filament if the printer is already struggling to keep up.
  5. take a caliper and measure - adjust your volumetric flow accordingly (there’s instructions on how to measure at the link)
    I feel with Sunlu Matte Blue the primary issue was cooling - I haven’t testet changing cooling yet, still rolling stock settings on that - I could maybe get a touch more out of that filament with more cooling - Aux Fan still set at stock 70% in the filament profile.
    Max flow test:
    here’s my values - all of them are on the conservative side.
    the four filaments I tested so far - I just started printing about 5 days ago :slight_smile:
    • Sunlu PLA Meta, Black made it to 20mm³/s, K-Value 0,020, Flow Ratio 0,980
    • Sunlu PLA+, Black made it to 18-19mm³/s, K-Value 0,031, Flow Ratio 0,976
    • Sunlu PLA Matte, Blue made it to 21mm³/s, K-Value 0,022, Flow Ratio 0,980
    • Creality Ender PLA, Grey made it to 18mm³/s, K-Value 0,023, Flow Ratio 0,985

Note: almost all the time the temperature range is on a sticker on the spool ! :slight_smile: