Terrible filenames when downloading models from MakerWorld

I just downloaded and printed my first model from the MakerWorld site, and I was very disappointed with the file and directory names. The model downloaded as “all.zip”, and unpacked into a directory just named “stl”. This won’t scale well as you add content.

Printing the same thing directly from Studio auto-downloaded a single properly-named 3MF file containing all three STLs.


I already noticed with all.zip, all_2.zip, etc.

From this beta experience, it is clear that MakerWorld is intended for automated prints; i.e., the primary “product” is the print profile, not the model.
It makes sense as it eliminates a further step in the printing process based on the concept that the maker knows better how to print. Newcomers may be pleased with such a solution.

I tested a few print profiles successfully, even with different materials and using my filament presets. Nevertheless, I am still keen on having the control, which is easier if you download the .3mf and reset the printing settings.

Printing directly also limits the number and size of models in a single upload. If you want to share multiple variations of your design (like many of the modular box systems), users will need to download the archive and unpack it, and right now they’ll get a poor experience.

Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware of that limitation.
So either you create a model for each variation (seems unreasonable), or a .3mf multiple plate file (doesn’t seem practical), or you need to upload each variation as print profiles, which seem to be intended.
Maybe it is just a beta limitation. You may try to suggest naming the archive based on the model title and keeping the names of the files. However, it would be better the ability to download individual files.

Or trying to upload a metric crapton of filament sample swatches … no directory structure or anything …

example: Filament Swatch Samples - With Hex Color Codes Remixed by John Hoke - MakerWorld

I had to upload a 50MB zip file rather than having them sorted by manufacturer in separate folders… sadpanda I am