The A1 is back!

Link to store: Bambu Lab A1 3D Printer | Bambu Lab Global


Yeah, great. And I’m still waiting for my heatbed. :rage:


Thanks for the heads up! Putting my order in today, excited to try it out!

Yes, as soon as I received the availability email (I was having lunch :rofl:) I ran to the PC to place the order! A1 combo plus hard hotend! I’ve been waiting for so long! I can’t wait for it to arrive! :smiley:

It pretty limited on the types of filaments you can use. Most likely due to the limit of the bed temperature of 100c and the 300c hot end limit.

ABS, ASA, PC, PA, PET, Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Not Recommended

I don’t know if you’re answering me or in general, but if you answer me, the A1 suits me just fine. I use PLA/PLA+, PETG and TPU :slight_smile:

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Just a general statement. If I had the room, I’d get one too. :heart_eyes:

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I think it has more to do with the lack of enclosure/elevated chamber temp than the bed and hotend maximum temperatures. The bed and nozzle temp are the same as the P series.


Those all print fine with those temps. They don’t print fine with open printers.

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Available immediately in 4 weeks in the U.K., erm what now?

My confusion might be that English is only my first language, but, surely this doesn’t make sense “available now” is the same as “not available for another 4 weeks.”

I’m not saying the U.K. is treated poorly, they are proving it.

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I received the availability email for lunch time and immediately ordered (the availability was the immediate date). Now I went to check the A1 page again and (at least here for Italy) the page still says ‘‘Available’’, without putting ‘‘shipped by…’’, exactly as it was when I made the order :woman_shrugging:

Few day’s ago it just said sometime in May but you couldn’t order.

Now you can actually order and reserve your one from incoming stock so once it reaches local warehouse in UK would be sent out to you, estimated to be currently before May 21st.

I understand logistics.

My comment was sarcastic and pointing out again, that while every other territory is served, the U.K. is not.

My point was; that when the notice says “it’s back”, four weeks from now isn’t back, its still unavailable for 4 weeks, at least for the people in the U.K.

Well, at least I now know that it was gone until now.

Good luck for the future. And for those who waited, have fun with it.

Is this just as fast as the X1?

Just received shipping email! :smiley: Shipped in less than 24 hours! Let’s hope everything goes well! :v:

good to know! been waiting for this

I still got the recall message + the printer will not auto level my heatbed. it keep giving error messages all around.