The A1 Mini become a bigger Brother A1 with AMS Lite

That’s not a joke, I just googled and found the soon-to-be new successor to the A1 Mini. The A1 (looks like an Ender 3/3Pro etc.).

Here the link

Yes, it’s no joke, it’s featured on the bambulab website and there are 100s of forum posts about it and some YouTube videos… so you’re a little late :wink:

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Is the build plate size known?

I would like to see the P1 and X1 updated with some of the tech from the A1, though I noticed that the X1 did just get noise cancellation.

256x256x256 (mm) according to many posters.

Don’t know about the heatbed though, more than 80 ℃ to support more filament types?