The Bambu Lab P1S Is Launched!

P1C is still not available on B2B Purchase Order in the list of available printers, any info on that?

It would be great if a second hot end assembly can be incorporated to future updated machines to speed up prints with dissolvable filament or for quick two colour prints.

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Not sure that would be what most people would want. An IDEX in the Bambu motion system would have a tiny print volume. Maybe 125-130 mm print area for both heads or a little less for separate two head simultaneous printing.

The IDEX idea might be best suited for a floor up new printer.

So, on Reddit Bambu announced their anniversary sale was until July 10. I could no tell if the P1P price reduction was part of the sale or a permanent price cut. Contacting support yielded no response before July 10. Not wanting to miss out on the sale, I bought a P1P on July 9. On July 11, I finally get a response that the price cut was permanent but it was too late to cancel my order.

I then see the P1S release and would rather purchase that. My P1P was just delivered yesterday but I’m debating on returning it. Their return policy seems to state that they will not refund initial shipping ($25) and they will charge for return shipping. At that charge it makes more sense to just buy the upgrade kit.

I’ve messaged their support for help but have not received any responses. Any thoughts on what I should do? I considered bringing the package to ups and just rejecting and returning to sender but bambus returns page seems to say they will still charge for return shipping.

With their lack of support response I’m now real concerned about even purchasing from this company as future issues may lack any support.

To get exactly what you want, it might be worth it for you to just eat the return shipping.

@Venom It would be interesting to put the x1c up against a prusa xl with 2 heads.

This was posted back in February and we still don’t know what it meant.

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@just4memike Not if it was a dual nozzle single hotend. Each nozzle would have to lift slightly or the head would have to rock side to side slightly. Or just have the filament switching happen in the head itself instead of an ams.

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Prusa does the same thing, first world problems should be fairly easy to internally process. This company is pushing the boundaries and doing more and changing the scene more than Prusa ever has with the exception of its initial release. I don’t understand why so many Bambu printer owners have such a sense of entitlement. There are other people filing trouble tickets too, and as many as these printers have been sold, you can’t possibly think that they’re going to see yours and jump to yours before they do everybody else in cue. I think if you look around though it does take time for them to get in touch sometimes they are very good about making things right. Everyone appruces standard Cartesian machines follow the same lead. You can buy the MK4 ready built or if you have an MK3s you can literally part it out and make your machine to mk4 by adding the upgrades. Same same. For as much revolutionary advancements is printer makes people shirts tend to get touchy over things that tend to happen with electronic products provided from various companies in general. Anytime you buy 3D printer, they’re always going to come out with another one shortly after you buy one that you like better or think the designs and capabilities should have been built into the previous release. But that’s not the way any technology company works. You can always go pick yourself up a k1

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Bollox, they have been up and running a year now, sell, sell is their motto, stuff the faults and returns, not a good way to win over users, Crapple nearly folded because of this very same thing, if Jobs hadn’t have threatened to close the company they would have, he insisted they got their Customer Service sorted before pushing out anymore devices.
I needed to change a delivery that was still showing as unfulfilled, but they only sent a receipt for my request 2 days after the order was shipped, bloody useless, I would hate to encounter a major issue!

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Ok, you’re talking about one hotend with two nozzles. Ok, got it. If you are only concerned with speed of switching between two colors, your way could work well. But that’s a little too limited for me.

Too bad it launched 2 weeks after I got my x1c. Still, a great machine I don’t regret grabbing, just wish I could save 500 euros there.

It is a shame that they did not announce the p1s a month before it was actually available for sale. That would have given people the opportunity to make up their minds about which printer to get and would have taken care of a lot of the complaints in this thread.

As for the support tickets, I’ve only done two and ended up answering my own questions before they responded. There is always help out there. There is this forum and YouTube. That is sometimes the only help that you need. I’m brand new to 3D printing and have been able to resolve every problem that I’ve encountered.

@vhamly What were your problems?

Some filament got all mangled in the first stage motor and had had issues in the slicer with tree supports with support filament. Those were the two that I created tickets for.

Other errors that I’ve had I’ve fixed with help from people on the forum or YouTube videos had to do with extruder errors.

Overall, as a newbie, I’ve really been problem free

Seeing a price drop on anything for sale usually indicates that there is something new is coming, also it seems like Bambu likes to release a printer every 6 months. you gotta admit it was a good time enclosing the P1P, is a fun journey. I used the Arc kit, added all the fans, and cable chain…I dont regret buying my 2 p1ps…with most enclosure kits you get to see inside the printer from every angle so thats a plus. Im glad I get to support a fantastic company thats open and honest as a company can get trying to turn a profit. They have only been on the market for a little over a year and need to have more offerings. You get a sub 1000 usd machine that prints better then most 5-10 thausand usd printers…I mean look at the other option…the K1 and its a smaller bed and isnt a 1/3 of the Bambu. You get alot for your money with Bambu from the whole eco system…software, slicer, mobile app. I’m a fan boy for real. Bambu has me sprung…I just ordered the P1S yesterday so they got my number without a doubt. That interview from The Next Layer with the CEO really locked in my love for Bambu.

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Even if Bamboo Lab makes best ever and brilliant printers, no support or pretty bad support is playing against their business. Let’s assume they cannot afford enough support operators, right? OK, I am happy to pay £5 for 10 minutes of a well trained operator that is required to properly digest my issue and to provide a good solution from the first time. Bamboo will have a queue to get a job for £30 per hour. If you make £30 per hour, the yearly salary would be £62,400. Not bad for a UK support professional, right?
Bamboo, wake up! I believe that I am not the only person who is ready to pay, but please do not keep your customers waiting days and days, please!

:frowning: Exactly the same for me

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Don’t mind paying for support out of warranty, but I’ll be damned if I want to pay for support on a new product when it states that they come with free support!
If this were an English company Trading Standards would be all over them by now, with the amount of complaints I see daily