The Bambu Lab P1S Is Launched!

The Bambu Lab P1S is our newest iteration of the beloved P1 series printers, well known for a great experience right out of the box.

The P1S has an enclosed body for better performance when printing advanced materials, with an improved cooling system for materials that can benefit from it.

It supports our AMS system for up to 16 colors printing, and if you purchase the P1S Combo edition, you can print with 4 colors out of the box!

Learn more about P1S by clicking the link below: Bambu Lab | Unleash Your Creativity with Bambu Lab 3D Printers - Bambu Lab


Shame we didn’t know this 2 weeks ago, I would have waited, thanks a bunch I have wasted loads upgrading my P1P to this level!


Nicee! Will the upgrade kit for the P1P also be available without the auxilary Fan?



Nice one. As with other, I just have a new P1P. Too sad I didn’t know about the P1S or I would have gotten one, but ok, I guess it’s the game.

At least there is an easy upgrade kit, but there is 1 small thing that is not mentionned: are the fan closed-loop control, like on the real P1S? This is not specified in the description.

Thanks in advance!

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Bambu Labs really need to concentrate on their non existent customer service before trying to entice more users from other makers, I hated my Ender 3 S1 Pro but Creality were great at customer service and helping sort issues.
Not only have BL now released a product that supersedes my 2 week old P1P, they still haven’t replied to messages I sent a week ago!
Poor very poor Bambu Labs

Main reason I am peethed is not because they have released a new variant, but they are also selling an upgrade kit for P1P owners with all the extra’s that the P1S has, for £138, I spent £94 on the upgrade kit for my P1P and most of those parts are in that upgrade kit, they must have known 2 weeks ago that they were releasing this model, but still happily took my money, not a great way to treat customers at all!


Recent X1C buyers who are using the textured plate must be chewing on their spleen.

Textured plate means you’re giving up the LiDAR which, as it turns out, isn’t a deal-breaker… and you get maybe 10 degrees (c) of extra bed temp, and that’s all… for the few hundred bucks price difference.

What does the letter ‘‘s’’ and ‘‘p’’ stands for? I thought this would be a (S)smaller variant of the P1P/X1C.

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This is awesome. I was worried about my 2 P1P since I already have ALL the updates on them including original top glass and front glass etc. So happy to see that they have released the 4 Panels (Front/Back/Left/Right) as parts that can be purchased separately also for around $80 combined. You may need chamber fans additionally. So not bad at all instead of the $150 full upgrade on the store.

Also - they gave away almost $70 of CF filament for P1P owners recently (Anniversary discount).

Don’t forget how other companies like Prusa treat their existing customers’ when it comes to upgrades specifically. An MK3+ to MK4 upgrade is almost $630 with shipping and you have tp print your own parts and take apart the entire machine literally and rebuild it from scratch!! I’m so done with that ■■■■ - my 3 MK3+ and three Minis can stay that way!!. Its 3 BBL’s now making me happy each day that I switched.


Depends on your priorities. I would take the MUCH better touch screen and camera setup any day of the week, and the X1C also comes with the hardened extruder and nozzle out of the box. In no way do I feel ripped off for choosing the X1C over any iteration of the P1x


Hardened extruder etc… Don’t forget that.
Not sure its worth it to most but for some that’s a big deal.

For me the bed isn’t an issue I don’t mind glue etc…

Call it what it is but to me the X1C is all around a better option all be it only incrementally.

If I remember correctly this is essentially the X1 without the C. If I remember correctly the X1 was essentially a stripped down x1c, it had no hardened equipment and no lidar … anyway, I’m glad they have options for people.

I’m more excited to see the X1 series stuff they are launching soon or whenever lol… I wander what the x1s will be and really hope the L means bigger.


Wish I was 2 weeks in… I’d return mine and buy a P1S.

If all you care about is the AMS, open a trouble ticket and make an offer. Effectively if its cheaper than refurbing your old machine (old being a month, lol), they will likely take the offer because there’s a possible to return it and leave them with the refurb cost.

Dear Bambu Lab team,

At the end of June 2023 I purchased the Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer for £549.00 GBP. At the time, I planned to later purchase an AMS separately and build a P1P housing myself. However, today I discovered that Bambu Lab has introduced a new printer model, the “Bambu Lab P1S 3D Printer with AMS,” which is priced at £869 GBP, inclusive of the AMS.

Considering this new option, I realized that I could return the P1P and purchase the P1S instead, resulting in a significant cost saving.

Currently, I have spent £549 on the P1P printer, and I have also purchased the “P1P to P1S Upgrade Kit” for £138. AMS unit would cost me another £309, my total expenditure would amount to £996.

The new P1S model is available for £869 GBP, which includes all three options making it a more cost-effective choice. The saving would be £127.

In light of this, I would like to explore the possibility of obtaining a discount on the AMS to align with the price difference. Specifically, I kindly request a discount of £127.
Would Bambu Lab team be so kind to offer a discount for AMS in my case?


My apologies - I deleted the original post to replace it with more readable version.
Thank you for your reply!

Hello, good afternoon
Me and a friend are the same, the only thing we buy is p1p and ams and seeing how everything is, we have opened a ticket to see if there is any solution without having to return the printer and ams since it is a logistical problem, transport and etc. and the difference is the upgrade kit

Let’s see if they give us a solution to those of us who are in the return period because we feel disappointed that they released the p1s plus ams a few days after the anniversary

we await a response from the bambu labs team

all the best


You are, of course, correct. It’s not something that’s on my list of priorities, but it’s fair to be included.

The screen is nothing but window dressing. I don’t think I put a single fingerprint on it since doing initial setup. Looks nice. Don’t need it at all.

I’m not really complaining as such, although having bought just last month I probably would have bought this version instead. It’s damn near half the price, for the sake of the cost of a hardened nozzle and some trinkets.

The real screaming, I expect, is coming from Josef Prusa. Anyone buying a Prusa today is making a mistake. It’s of course their mistake to make, but there’s no argument in favour of an open bed slinger when Bambu is ripping the market to shreds at this price point.

I feel the same. I have just bought an anniversary P1P with upgrade kit and an AMS. Being there was no bundle deal I paid the full 350 for the ams which makes the total higher than what I would have paid for the P1S.

The only difference was the hardened gear and nozzle of the upgrade kit.

I could have added that to the P1S order and still would have been cheaper.

I think they should give out a panel kit for recent buyers similar in what they have done with the aux fan/camera or the more recent anniversary.

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i agree yorkie mate spent dow on glass top cable chain £50 plus and feeled screwed really
they made everyone buy there upgrades and whats the point if there going to do that upgrade
even if i Burt the p1p upgrade kit im left with identical parts that are useless

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Bambu Lab as it seems prefers to keep silence on the forum?
I wrote the same request to their support - ignored completely.
The same request has been sent to their contact email - ignored yet again.

It is always nice to have caring support, but … you know, they are way too busy with sales, who cares about existing customers?

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I’ve had my x1c since February. I’ve thought a few times that maybe if I had the money for another printer I would get a p1p. But in reality, I still think the x1c gives you more bang for the buck.