The current build plate is not the same as in G-code

After my print was finished I took it of the build plate, placed the build plate back on the heatbed and hit the print again button on the touchscreen, which appears after every print. I’ve changed no settings, used the same build plate. Yes, I have a third party textured PEI plate with a printed QR code. Freshly applied yesterday. No Build plate localization marker is not found issue.

Mittel (IMG_2269)

For what ever reason this message appeared after the reprint was started:

The current build plate is not the same as in G-code. Please stop the print job and replace the build plate. You can also tap “Resume” to force-resume the print job.

This is not the same message which says that Build plate localization marker is not found. I also get the thread titles message from time to time after I performed a full printer calibration from the touchscreen, confirmed it and sent a printjob via Bambu Studio afterwards. I can even reproduce it:

  • go to the Calibration tab → Flow Dynamics Calibration → Auto Calibration
  • place the Cool Plate on the printbed
  • perform the flow calibration, save everything
  • put the textured PEI sheet back on
  • go back to your print with the textured PEI selectected, start the print and the error message will appear. Reslicing doesn’t help. Only a printer and slicer restart helps

Bambu Studio Version
Bambu Lab X1C Firmware

Why does this error message appear? It seems that the printer internally somehow sets/expects another build plate internally. Resuming the print fails at 90% chance. I assume due to a false z offset after the error has appeared.

This is interessting. Please see also my message

I am not sure if studio send wrong g-code or if there was some other reason.

The problem is: the error message does not say what plate was expected due to the g-code and what type of build plate was recognized.

I recently got also this message while I was sure that the settings in studio were correct from starting the project and the build plate also. So I selected “continue”. I suspected that I had perhaps put too much glue on the plate and that this has irritated the printer.

And now I found your message :confused:

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I wonder why no one else seems to have this problem?

@Stony @newsletter if either of your STL\models\projects are not protected, I am happy to try and prinnt it and see what happens, I onny have the 3 x Bambu plates thou…

Or alternatively steps - eg do you start a print onn the wrongn build plate, stop it, change build plate in studio - reslice - resend?

No problem, here is my .3mf file :slight_smile:

Even so I did not print much yet I dont remember what I printed when I got the erro message. One thing could be the “Parametric Adjustable Spool Holder”.

What I am sure: I printed ABS on the hot plate.
First time as you described. 2nd time I think I switched the printer on after putting the plate.

Yesterday I printed again on the hot plate, this time TPU. It succeeded without error. But I had cleaned carefully the qr-region of the palte before.

But if the printer had not been able to read the code, shouldnt it had said that it could not recognize the code instead of saying “wrong plate”?

I bought the original golden textured PEI plate and the issue did not occur anymore.

Where did you do this - (change the type?)

  • Did you do it in the top left \ global plate section?
  • Did you then try and slice and print the 2nd plate?

If so - thats the issue, you can see under the “bolt” thats gold\orange that plates have been hardcoded to Textured PEI - changing it to anything else in Global wont matter for that 2nd locked plate - gcode will be coded for Textured.

The First plate - is NOT locked, so if you slice\print that - the GLOBAL plate setting will apply and if you math that top left setting to the correct plate in the printer - no Gcode error.

I can confirm, as expected, I get the same error - about gcode bla blah if I try and print this 3mf and printing the 2nd plate (coded to Textured) - with the HOT or COLD plate in the printer and not the Textured PEI plate.

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In my case I had only one plate and changed the general setting.

Did you use the original or third party textured pei plate?

I used the original high temp plate. When I had set it wrong it was set to cool plate. So I switched setting from cool to hot plate. I did not switch the physical plate, because this was allready the correct one and I wanted to print ABS.