The faster you print, the better quality

I know this sounds crazy, I have run so many tests from calibration cube to actual model print with different layer time and max vol printing speed. All comes up with different artifacts. In the end, I found out if I just lower the layer time and push the speed to 20-21mm3. All artifacts are nearly invisible.

From, it looks like these Bambu printers are really tuned to print at high speed. Not so much at lower speed.

Before all this, printer belt tension checked, calibrations were all done. The filament SUNLU PETG is also calibrated and dried.

I would like to ask for some comments and thoughts on this. I am puzzled, I thought we have to print slower to get better quality but ends up with more artifacts at slower speed. Some vibration compensation is not tuned at lower speed but at higher speed?

Like tuning a race track car for high speed with optimal fuel and power vs tuned for highways?

Screenshot here of the results.


i had similar results on my a1 mini, seems like bambu printers not only were made for high speeds, but cannot make good results in low ones

Just looking at the vibration lines, I suspect that they are spread more widely across a surface when the speed increases because the vibration is constant. Also another explanation might be… Would you prefer to slowly draw a long straight line without a ruler or go really fast and zip the pen across the paper?