The noise of an P1S

I am planning to buy a P1S but would like to know if this printer is very noisy. I live in an apartment on the 4th floor and I want to avoid buying the printer and then all the neighbors complaining if the printer has been working for a few hours.

Richard Tisseur-Phetkao

I have a P1P in a separate room, next to my bedroom, if I close both doors, standing in my bedroom, I can barely hear a thing, but downstairs, in the kitchen, I can hear some noise, I think it is mostly the vibrations transmitted through the floor. My P1P has no anti-vibration feet. So, if you are worried about neighbours complaining, then try to dampen the vibrations transmitted through the floor.

Thank you, good to know I will put anti-vibration rubbers under it.

With the anti-vibration feet it should be fine for the neighbors. Without them, the vibrations/resonation will be an issue.

The feet are a little bit of a pain to live with though. Aside from letting the machine sway side to side, and being very fussy to get standing straight, they also fall off constantly if you have to adjust the printer. Not sure why they weren’t designed to be screwed in. However, you can glue the feet in the recesses and that worked well for me. A single drop was enough to be removable and relatively steady.

This video from CNC kitchen does a nice job of explaining how to avoid noise caused by vibration:


Personally, never been one to add lots of weight to solve a problem. While this does work well, (actually tried it), it just wasn’t ideal. But to each their own. What bugs me may not be an issue for you.

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I have a P1P, it is a great printer, a little noisey, but not too bad. I just received a P1S. I ran a print of the Benchy. It was like a squadron of B52’s were in the room. The problems is the fans. I would have thought the enclosed printer would be quieter than the P1P, but no. I’m not sure what to do with this thing, it cannot be operated in the house at night.

we found the same thing - the P1S is our first 3d printer (tho we had use of a Printrbot like 10 years ago or whatever) - printing the Benchy from the SD card was LOUD! and like 80% of that noise is fans.

it hasn’t seemed as loud printing other stuff? lately we’re printing stuff frm bambu studio & running the printer at 50% speed which is a lot quieter.

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MMMM that is not good news that it is so loud!
Can some more people share with me what they think of the noise of a P1S?

Yeah, I think its going to sound like the X1 line. The chamber fan and the mainboard fan do add a significant amount of noise. I use two Noctuas for the chamber and mainboard, so noise is only a little bit higher. But to use Noctua for the chamber, you need a buck converter. Still haven’t found an alternative that is 24V. The buck converter only has one downside, less fan control. Depending what voltage you drop it to, will determine the maximum fan percentage you can go up to. For me its right around 12V and shows a maximum fan percentage of 75% or 80% (can’t remember). But that low voltage doesn’t produce a ton of noise so I’m good with less control.

tbh apart from that first Benchy print off the SD card our P1S hasn’t been intolerably loud. and you can definitely make it quieter by reducing the speed / cutting back the fan speed slightly. parts fan seemed to make a big difference, like from 100% down to 60%.

Noctua made an adapter from 24v -12v ->na-vc1<- guess this helps there a lot?

One of the muffler products in printables for the rear fan has made mine less loud. Used some cloth in lined to help with noise…also some mods to add pipe for exhaust abs filament. Fumes

For me i found out that petg is quite quite to print on my P1P. For the next time it will be my standart material.

I agree it’s the fans. The 3 fans are cranked to 100% by default under PLA profile. But if I print ABS with all the fans off, it’s much quieter.

My new P1S combo is a lot noisier than my old Ender 3 Pro which I’d modified to be almost silent. I have the printer on a concrete paver above a layer of foam. This has reduced the vibration transmission significantly, not the noise though which is mostly from the fans and travel movements. This is the downside of having a fast printer I guess.
The printer is right next to me on my desk so the noise is quite distracting.I don’t have anywhere else to locate it so I’ll probably build a sound reducing enclosure at some point.
I wouldn’t recommend the isolation feet. They are too tall and soft and if the printer is moved slightly they buckle and collapse.

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Same, build a Klipper BKR Ender Mod that was running at 250mm/s. So nearly the same speed of the Bambi’s but at 1/3 of the noise. At around 100mm/s the Ender was nearly unheard. Sure because of the after market fans I used. But also by the quiet BKR stepped driver’s.

The stepper drivers on the Bambi’s are an issue and of course the fans could be better sourced. To that my one feeder motor is out of its specs and way louder than the others. Bambi offered a replacement.