The nozzle fan speed is abnormal.[0300 0810

I have checked the fan wires and everything is plugged and seated correctly.
It might be a bad fan wiring or sensor. Should I just replace the hot end assembly, and maybe the extruder connection board? A user on reddit had to replaced their front housing assembling to fix this.

Also is it common for support to to ignore a trouble ticket for a over a week? Are failed or defective components covered by the warranty?

Thanks in advanced!

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I had the same problem on a weeks-old P1P. They sent me a new nozzle fan after a couple weeks. I did not expect it to fix the issue, but it did. Not sure how a fan can fail after only a dozen hours or so of use, but that seems to have been what happened.

I’m hoping Bambu Lab support reaches out to me also. I went ahead and ordered a replacement hot end assembly, since it has the fan, heater & thermistor already installed

I replaced to hot end assembly which resolved the issue, but I still want to fix the original hot end assembly to keep as a spare.

Bambu Lab support reached out to me, but they want video evidence of the fan problem before they’ll process their warranty.

@sntran0 Hi, do you mean something like this?

Since all fans are closed loop, the hotend wires which you might have not fixed using the little hook beneath the connectors cause those issues by simply touching the fan and thus lowering its speed. Ergo, the actual speed deviates from what is supposed to be like.

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Hello guys, I had a clog in my stainless steel nozzle, a changed the nozzle, but i kept sending error, of nozzle temp. When i changed the complete hotend, to a hardened steel, now says fan speed abnormal, despite i changed the settings. Any further ideas what it can be?

I had the same error a couple of weeks ago and my fan which was only two weeks old had gone bad. I put a new fan on, and it fixed the problem.

I have just had this issue when changing over the hotend. I resolved it by re-seating the hotend fan connector whilst the printing was powered on. The fan turned on at this point, then turning the printer off and back on again.

It’s now printing fine with no issues.

I had the same error once when swapping hotends. I undid the wires and reseated them which fixed my issue.

Had the same issue and after assembling/disassembling twice I realized I had put the fan on backwards. Confirm that the fan is facing the same direction it was when uninstalled or check the Bambu Labs docs/videos to compare.

The correct placement for me had the QR code facing out and the fan label flush against the nozzle.