The Store is annoying

The Store does not keep an open Cart. I have selected a filament or two and placed them in the Cart. Two days later they are gone. Surely it would be in their best interest to have my Cart persist until I am ready to place the order. I’d tell them this directly, but I don’t see any place to do so.

Hmmm, I’ll keep looking, but I don’t see any cookie limits on my Store. Thanks for letting me know.

I have the same experience like laterRon. Stuff stays in cart for several days. Hope you can manage the problem.

Its for sure in the Cookie. I have different carts in different browsers.

Maybe you have some “Clean Cookies on Exit” Setting active. Or some Browser AddOns that doe some housekeeping.

I have noticed that the store does not retain the country setting. In my case, if I click on EU, the shopping cart is there again.

Have noticed, that when an item is placed in the card on my mobile phone … the item is not there when I use my laptop computer - not even two minutes later.
Solution: Complete the order on one device.