Thin Lines not printing

I am trying to print 4 colors. Would like the outline of the heart to be black and the hand plane in middle of heart black. I have changed just about every setting to the lowest value BS will let me, but yet cannot get the black to print. I’ve added screen shots to show what happens. I also print with the heart side down as well, just turned to side for display purposes. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve tried attaching the 3mf file as well for anyone to play with, but unable toostrong text.

As a guess, I’d assume that you have not assembled the objects? Select two objects, right click → assemble and repeat until you have one “container”. I had it in the past that when I forget to do that, it tries to print all objects in the same place rather than slicing one object in different colors.

Not sure if that is the problem though. I also had a color bug in the past where I needed to restart BS. That always affected individual layers though rather volumes.

that option is not available.

By the looks of your second screenshot it appears multiple objects overlap.

For test purposes only, could you arrange all the objects side-by-side and post a screenshot again?

Also, why are there 2 objects with a (1) behind the name? It appears they are duplicate. It could be the reason why there are overlapping objects too.

No “Assemble” when you right click on one of two selected objects?

This tells the slicer that it needs to slice it as a single object. Otherwise, it’ll slice two objects which happen to occupy the exact same volume in space. That is at least what your second screenshot (Preparation) indicates while your first screenshot (Preview) looks surprisingly clean.

@mailmichieldewit’s suggestion would be helpful with the diagnosis.

And just to cover all the bases: How deep are the troublesome black objects “Black Heart” & “Black Plane” that are both missing in the Preview screenshot? It really does not like they have significant depth in the Preview. They should have the depth of at least a single layer (laying flat) or the nozzle diameter (standing up). Arachne can in theory go lower, but can become messy.

Loading as seperate objects allows me to print in diff colors. I tried to 'assemble them, but they didn’t line up correctly. Not sure where to go from here. Might try to design again and see if building a little different in fusion would allow me to print correctly

As aspected, the jigs overlap with the hearts. You can cut out them in the software where you made the design. But i think you could also use the hearts as a negative parts to cut out the shape.

Either way, you want 1 shape that never overlaps that contains multiple parts.

I agree with @mailmichieldewit. You should be able to double use the white purple and black parts to make proper cut outs in the jig before putting them in again as solids. That way, you’d have a clean assembly.
It is fiddly in BS as you can only go by centre point location. Still, less than an hours work first time round.
Just make sure that your parts have meaningfull thickness by sizing them generously. If you have, for example, a single layer height as thickness, chances are that the jig color will not be covered over.

As a side note, you can also play around with purge volumes. Black needs a lot but mostly, you can lower the purge to reduce waste.

I designed it in fusion 360. I did the black, white, purple & black as -1mm new objects in the face of the jig.
I tried the Paint bucket in BS and that for some reason painted heart and plane black, which i think is wierd, but it works. Don’t understand why selecting the ‘object’ in the left hand window pane and the color didn’t do the same thing thou.

I think I had a similar issue. Here it is and how I fixed it.

I made a case in Fusion 360. On the front I placed an image in svg and extruded it as a new component. The lines of the sketch were thin and would only end up being 2 or even 1 nozzle width in some spots. I exported the project as .step and opened in Bambu Studio.

It showed up as two parts. I changed the color of the sketch and it seemed to change properly in the Prepare window. When I sliced it, the sketch was not there in the preview. Much fiddling and testing ensued with no results. Then under the Object menu, I right-clicked on the part that is the sketch, chose “Change Type”, chose “modifier”. Now it slices with the case one color and the sketch in the second color. Hope that helps