This was a surprise and opposite of what I expected

Normally, I print tall skinny objects on my Prusa because the P1P tends to knock them loose even with a brim.

I don’t ever have adhesion problems with the Prusa (probably because it is so slow) so while the P1P was busy with something else I decided to print a plate of about 100 or these tiny parts on the Prusa. (you can see how nicely they print on the P1P)

When I went back to check on the print I found that the Prusa didn’t like them. There were partially printed little pieces flung all over the room. The print head was surrounded and all its little nooks and cranies filled with melted plastic. It was a terrible mess. I wish I had thought to take a picture before I cleaned up the mess.

I think I’ll quite calling it a bed-slinger, and start calling it a part-slinger. I am still finding more tiny pieces of plastic every time I go into the room with the printer.

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