Thought about lithophanes - how about stained glass?

I printed a few lithophanes using the Bambu filament kit and had the idea that I’d be more interested in stained glass. So I gathered what translucent PETG I had around for a test and this is my first try with a random design. I used 0.2mm layers and the 0.4mm nozzle. In the past I’ve had translucent black PETG so it would be interesting to try adding shading with either adding layers of the color or layers of translucent black. With large nozzles and bigger layers you can print PETG pretty glass like but that would make the shading harder so I’ll have to play around.

I’ve also been trying to imagine what “geek stained glass” would look like to me. I’m not into the idea Star Wars or fantasy characters though that’s an obvious possibility.

Hope this stirs some imaginations.