Tip : no ringing, no seams, no visible layers, homogeneous color,

Here is a very simple tip I use for weeks now when I want a part looking really good without visible defect.

First, I know this tip will be obvious for a lot of people but I have to said that I was not aware of it and find this randomly while playing with Fuzzy skin option.

I was rarely using this option (Fuzzy) because I was founding that the effect was a lot too much visible and not really looking good, but for few weeks now after playing with it a lot, I found that using very small parameters for the Fuzzy option was giving an amazing finish appearance.

So here is the tip for the ones who as me never thought of using Fuzzy with very low parameters…

Use thoses parameters :
Fuzzy : Contour and Holes
Fuzzy Point Distance : 0.2mm
Fuzzy Thikness : 0.05mm

Note that you can use 0.1mm for distance, this give even better result but then the print take a lot more time, 0.2mm is a good compromise between quality and speed.

Using those parameters, you will notice that outer walls will take a lot of time to be printed and your overall print time will be higher.

To mitigate this problem and because your external perimeters will only be printed in sequences of 0.2mm chunk, you can set the outer wall perimeters acceleration to a very high value (I use 15000). As the external wall will now hide/cover all defects you can also increase inner wall and infill speed & acceleration.

For consistency between the bottom layer and sides surfaces, I recommend to use the PEI textured plate (and also ironing the top surfaces, just for the best looking effect, it would be awesome to be able to fuzzy skin the top surface).

So to summurize the benefit of doing such :

  • no more Gosting/Ringing
  • no visible layers lines
  • bottom and sides looking similar textured
  • vertical holes looking more round (sometime acceleration/deceleration on holes make vertical holes appearing even less round than what they are)
  • seams less visible to invisible
  • filament color is consistent over the whole surface

Actually it is sometime hard to differentiate the bottom surface from sides surfaces.

The biggest downside is the overall print time that will be increased a lot depending on the shape of your object.

Here is the result on a simple object :

Note that the effect is a lot less visible in real life, the pictures make it appear a lot more visible than what it look like, it is more like the bottom surface on textured PEI plate.

And just in case, here are some other settings that I think can be of some interest (mostly to make print time lower) :

Nozzle : 0.6mm





EDIT : Important note on settings

You have to be careful with those settings :

  • Precision => ArctFitting,
  • Precision => Resolution

If Resolution is set too high ,Fuzzy effect can be partially to fully removed when slicing.

Look at this Issue on Github for explanation on this problem:

I would recommend a very low value :


Great tip, thanks. I use fuzzy skin with glossy petg to cover up the surface flaws too, but I havent changed the acceleration value. Ill give that a try.

Thanks, i need to try that !

Clever! I’m gonna have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

Using small value for Fuzzy Skin seems to interfere with Precision=>résolution algorithm, so I have posted an issue on BambuStudio Github, if anyone interested you can add your votes here.

Thank you! This is a great trick. I tried it and it works just as well for some other cases.

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Is there any way to apply fuzzy skin to the outer side of model only and leave inner side without fuzzy skin ?

For example object like “C” clamp - the outer side of “C” with fuzzy and inner side of “C” without it.

Use the modifier in the sliser. Such as Add Editable Parameters for Fuzzy Skin - #8 by Scereth

@tucha Thank you very much

Nice !

Just in case you are not already aware of this problem, be careful with Fuzzy + Arc Fitting + RĂ©solution, see here for details.

Now I use very low value for resolution so it mitigate the problem :

If this “resolution” value is too high, the fuzzy effect can be fully removed :confused: