To Bambu Lab: Wiki Improvement

I have some suggestions to improve the wiki.

  1. The wiki has no way to provide feedback or report issues about the wiki software. This is needed. It should be part of the wiki, but at the very least add a section in the forum.

  2. The wiki is closed to change by the community, so we cannot help make it better. In addition, there is no way to report out-of-date, incorrect or incomplete information. Please provide a way.

  3. There are many places in the wiki where it is not possible to open the link in a new tab. This is awkward, as some of us like to open the link to read next, but keep reading the current page.
    a. The upper left corner icon and Bambu Lab Wiki text is not a link. Almost every website uses this as a link to the home page for the site.
    b. the page contents list is links, but they cannot be opened in a separate tab


c. **The worst offender is search**.  I have never seen such a poor implementation of search.
      3.3.1  When I start typing a list of matches appears, which is nice. I can click on an item to go to that page. This is all standard. But unlike other searches, if I hit <enter> I am taken to the first item in the results instead of opening a page showing all the results, which is what I would expects and what happens in the browser as an example.
      3.3.2  **What I find the most annoying is that when the search results are showing I cannot right click on one and open it in a new tab so that I can keep viewing the results to see if there are any others that apply. Instead my only choice is to select one and go to that page. Then, after viewing that page I have to start the search from the beginning. Because search results are not an actual page, I cannot even use the browser back button to get back to the results to keep looking.**