Tool head changing 3d printer

why cant bambu make a printer that instead of using ams it just changes tool head like this printer

I love my AMS. It has never failed me. I did have a data cable go bad. Lots of spare parts. Never used any of them.

2 units over 2000hrs together.


well it would color change a lot faster

As a business type person (which I’m not) you have a point.

As a retired type person hobbyist, I’m not that big of a hurry. Which is my point.


i run a business so that why i want one

It would be nice to see that one day. And it is not just about speed, but also the quality of print. Instead of having a delay everytime a color or support interface change is done, it would just keep printing.

The AMS delay can cause defects because a layer is waiting too long before the next layer is put down.

A combination of AMS and multiple tool heads would be great


And the biggest point for me is, that you don’t have to purge anymore with multiple toolheads, which brings a lot of benefits:

  • Of course almost no waste, even in small prints,
  • No fear of residual filament, which can be hazardous for multi-material,
  • No need to overheat filament,

And with changeable heads you could also do things like different nozzle sizes, e.g. to print really fine details with a 0.2 nozzle but the bulk volume is done with a 0.6.

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and you’ll also drop €3,699 for it, and a waiting period of at least 4 to 6 months, according to Prusa…and that only if you’re preordering now and you’re lucky to get it in backorder. Not disputing the obvious advantages of having 5 toolheads running 5 different filaments, but both the price and the delivery time is discouraging for the average home user.

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I fully agree, that is why I hope for a 2 head version from Bambu.

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Not a tool changer printer but dual heads

The VORON Phoenix in 2024

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or a 1 to 5 version like prusa

2 head with AMS would be great, could run two AMSs for 8 colors without breaking the bank like Prusa does. It might be possible for BL Studio to optimize the colors so that they tell you what slots to use for best printing speeds.

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lol… we can always dream…however, what we hope and dream for, doesn’t necessarily mean that BL will consider or implement…unless the community members will take matters in their own hands and come up with significant improvements and changes, like it recently happened when the X1 Plus team came up with a new and hot firmware that jailbreaks the x1c (only) from BL software (using a zero-day security flaw, a release which has the merit of not affecting users to continue using the BL software/firmware…that move has indeed shaken up BLs’ top brass and made them sort of rethink some of the BL strategies… But then again, BL is on the market for money (and if possible, reputation), and more than 90% of their intended target audience and clients is made from average Joe who’s not really into tinkering, but a consumer: just unpack, plug in, feed the filaments in the AMS, slice the file and print… The 10% of the remaining users are most likely hard core tinkerers, that find satisfaction in building, testing and developing themselves things, mods, etc. I’m definitely not among those 10% but from what I’ve gathered from the reviews of those lucky enough to get their hands on this firmware, I wouldn’t say no to run it myself for a while, as it appears it brings out a whole new set of options and settings, unavailable under BL’s official releases… Personally I believe and support the X1 Plus team in their efforts, as their work pushes (read “forces”) BL to reconsider their restrictive business model and, most likely, we might see improvements, originally coming from X1 Plus, being included in BL upcoming firmware updates…

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I could imagine that there are also average Joes who would appreciate a dual head printer. I for example don’t mind tinkering but I am very happy when I don’t have to and my printer just produces the parts I need.

But of course you are right, Bambu certainly will decide what to do next on a completely different data set than us, and well possible that dual head does not pay off for them.

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thats what i mean so why not a metal printer

but it would be indeed really good to have dual printing heads…

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