Top Layer Issues MultiColor

I am doing more complex print with 4 colors on the top layer. I have done two of them and the top layer keeps messing up. I am not sure what is the cause or how to fix it. It is a lid for a box that has a graphic on top. The photos are from two different boxes one red one orange. I am doing supports on the bottom because I did not want to print as two pieces the box and the graphics. It also has holes for magnets in the corners. Again It is a more complex print. I added the graphic as a separate part thinking that might help, it did not. I am also ironing all top surfaces.

Any ideas or suggestions on what is the cause and solution?

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Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this?

If possible, please upload clearer pictures that show the texture on the top section of the print better.

Usually, this problem can be attributed to the flow rate being too high. Our wiki article (Bad Print Quality: Causes and Solutions) has a few examples of print quality issues and I recommend checking it for potential troubleshooting ideas.

The Top layers overlapping section seems to be the one related to your reported issue.

A common issue which can lead to this problem is when the Bambu PLA filament is used with Generic PLA filaments that don’t support the same print speeds.
Please try again while using the Generic PLA filament profile in Bambu Studio with the default settings.

Otherwise, please follow this guide for cleaning the rods as this can also cause problems in the top layer print quality

Two very important items to do:

  1. Ensure the belt tensioners move as shown in the video
  2. Soak the carbon rods in IPA, then move the print head a few times before wiping the rods (to ensure IPA reaches inside the bearings and cleans them)

Cleaning Guide for Carbon Rods on a Bambu Lab Printer

After you repeat the wiping procedure 2-3 times, perform a full calibration from the printer menu and try to print one of the pre-sliced files to validate if the problem can be replicated.

If my suggestions don’t work, please open a ticket and our team will help as soon as possible. Ensure that you include as much information as possible related to the filament used, the .3mf file used and clear pictures of the issue.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the input. I will definitely look into those things.

After experimenting more, it seems specifically when I’m ironing that it creates those rough textures on the top of my prints.

Does that mean my ironing it’s too hot or too slow or too fast? What in my ironing would cause those rough textures and it’s not on the entire top it’s just in certain areas that it has those problems.

Could it be something where I need more filament at the top layer? If so, how would I fix that? I’m still pretty new to 3D printing.

Thanks for all your help.