Top layer not good

Hi guys

I created coasters on fusion 360 and here is the top layer so when I slice no problem.

I don’t see at all where the problem could come from, do you have any idea?

Thanks in advance

Have you calibrated your “Generic PLA”?


I have no problems when I take stl on makerworld for example

So that’s a no on the calibration?


I have no problems as said above with files taken from printable or other. I think it comes from my STL I just don’t understand how it’s possible.What you see are the last layer, the front has no problems.

It doesn’t matter where your stl file comes from.
This ist not a problem of Fusion. Stl is stl.

You should write more about the filament settings (calibrated?). Did you try to decrease speed? What about ironing? Is the top layer plane?

@Ceymwa based on the image and what you have said, there isn’t enough information as to why your print quality is bad. As others have noted:

  • Doesn’t matter where the STL comes from, but what is in the STL
  • Without knowing anything about your print settings and/or calibration settings, it is impossible to understand and provide help.

Some useful information to provide:

  • Location and orientation of the print within your printer. Your problem prints are circles so it is impossible to ascertain orientation.
  • Need to know what settings you used. What filament you used.

You can upload your STL so folks can take a look at that as well. But information is required.

All parameters are stock just I rotated the file 180 to have the colors on the board

I don’t know if it is possible to give you the .3MF on this post?

Food for thought: You said you rotated the item by 180° to have the colors on the bed. Have you tried using ‘f’ to select the face that you want on the bed? That will ensure that the bed facing side is truly flush against the bed.

(edit: just noticed you updated with the config screenshot thx!)