TPU - Nozzle clogged

I have the following problem. I wanted to use TPU for the first time. But when I put it in the AMS of my A1, nothing comes out of the nozzle. the TPU is from Overture 95A.

The soft TPUs aren’t AMS compatible.


You are likely encountering feed issues. When I run TPU I either use my A1-mini without the AMS lite, or my P1S with a y-splitter to bypass the AMS.

Searching “A1 splitter” will likely yield many results to choose from.

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Thanks for the quick reply. So it’s because of the AMS?! If I use it without AMS should it work?

I believe so, yes it’s because of the AMS.

I have used white Overture TPU without incident without AMS on both my A1-Mini and P1S. Just make sure you set it as the filament type when you print.

Check out my high-tech reminder system to not load it in the AMS :slight_smile:

a really stupid question. how do I print without AMS? Does this just mean that I remove the unit and work with the individual spool holder?

Yeah, you uncheck the ‘Enable AMS’ box when you send the print, and load the printer via the filament menu the ‘old school’ way.

I have a little external spool roller I printed for doing that.

Printing a y-splitter makes life a lot easier to bypass the AMS without having to fiddle with PTFE disconnecting/reconnecting. I don’t use one on my A1 though, just my P1S

You can just pop this one out with relative ease:

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that is a good idea ! is a lot easy to do that thanks ! :smiley:

Normally Tpus in the Shor90a and higher you can print with your A1 if it is more flexible is very hard to do it with the stock machine.

You can find a hack here!

I run Overture TPU 95A on my A1, just have to run it from an external spool, not the AMS. I run mine straight from my Sunlu Dryer box. Just disconnect the AMS tubes (if you don’t have a splitter) and connect a tube from the external spool, uncheck Use AMS when you go to send the print job and off you go.

got it done now. it works as you all described. Deactivate AMS and load from the external spool holder. Thanks for the numerous tips. now I have to learn how to use TPU. is different than PLA or PTEG :face_with_peeking_eye:

I have now installed this variant. and it works great

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top that works for you with that type of hardness you can use tpu profile from the slicer and should print