TPU print gets clogged at specific layers

I’m printing a disc with Bambu Lab TPU using the default settings. It prints great until I get to a layer called ‘bridge’ in the slicer. Then it the print slowly starts looking like garbage, until it won’t extrude any more. If I pause at that point, I can remove the filament from the print head, cut off several inches, then start it back up again. It will print for a while then start to look bad again and stop extruding. If I can keep doing that until it gets to the next layer, the print will be fine.

Any ideas why the ‘bridge’ layer is having printing issues?

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A slicer pic & print pic would help.

I had similar problems with TPU caused by too much cooling in default Generic TPU profile (100% lol). Decrease fan speed to about 40-50% and set bridges fan to 70%. Should help. Bambu has a bit powerfull cooling xD

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