Trammimg G-Code - how to add manual pause and resume

The current tramming G-Code has 30 second pauses before going to each adjustment point. Sometimes that’s too much time and other times not enough.
Does anyone know a method that would allow a PAUSE and operator initiated RESUME when tramming? The on screen PAUSE has no effect. M0 and M1 are ignored when inserted in the G-Code string.
Also, it would be good to have the tramming G-Code heat up and wipe the extruder to remove any filament stuck to the nozzle. But that’s another issue.

Hi @korzenec

What 30-second pauses are you referring to? Maybe I missed it.
The last time I checked the X1 starting g-code besides temperatures settings waiting, I only recall the pause for finishing the g-code instructions. In any case, they seem reasonable.

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That sounds like a good idea, I would love to do it that way myself can be alot more accurate when you can take your time.

I’m referencing the Bambu X1 tramming gcode (hotbed_tramming_20221102.gcode). It waits 30 seconds at each adjustment point the first time around, then 15 seconds for the remaining rounds.