Transaction from CN website has .com link

In the transaction page if you get points from the CN website, the link to the model is still that from regular website (.com)

I think it’s better to put the CN relative link instead. @Tanklet

Alternatively, you could provide two links: one for the Little Love Box, leading to the original model, and another labeled ‘CN’ that directs to the Chinese version of your model. Such as, Little Love Box (CN).

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I’ve added this to our plan list.

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@Tanklet why have some successfully transferred models from international to the China site then been removed?

I lost 17 models that were transferred and available, now gone from the China site!

Could you provide with me some models that are gone in the Chinese site?
Especially the models that have more than 10 downloads in the Global Site.

That is difficult as I can no longer see them as they were removed!

I have over 400 models on the international site, remembering which of the now removed 17 is impossible.

The better question is, WHY would models successfully transferred then be removed and why so many?

This was as of yesterday

Mine was 51 out of 400+ this morning.
Right now it is 34 out of 400+.

That is a 33% reduction after taking over a week to get to more than 20 models transferred.

So there is a minimum or downloads required before a model gets synced, as I guessed earlier?

Currently there is the limit, but it will be gradually lower and finally get removed in these 2 week.