Trouble with initial layer adhesion

3D aficionados,
I’ve recently run into an issue with my initial layer adhesion.
I’ve got about 600 hours on my P1S.

I feel like I’ve done it all and either missing something or doing something wrong. I print on the supplied PEI plate, have tried on both sides just to see if one side was having issue verse other, issue on both. I wipe the plate with 91% iso. There ends up being just random spots that will not adhere.

Printing PLA. I’ve adjusted some setting, .11 initial layer, 60 degree initial bed temp, no aux fan, also slowed down first layer to 40mm. I’ve redone the flow dynamics on the PLA and have the settings for my general PLa with K factor .02-.03

Some picture follow. The comparison between initial benchy and benchy just now. And the problem areas on the project I’m working.

You haven’t done it all. Try soap and water.


For some reason part of me did not want the soap and water to be the solution that I overlooked.

After reading your reply I was like can’t be that simple. Soap and watered the bad boy and things seem to be right in the world again.

Thank you for giving me the slight knock over the head.


People come here literally all the time thinking IPA is good enough to keep their plate clean and then learn the miracle of soap and water :joy:

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At one time the build plates actually had “Use detergent to clean the surface” physically printed in capital letters on them.


Sadly, the new dual sided Smooth PEI doesn’t seem to have this any longer.

For future readers @lkraus has a really good post explaining why soap works better than IPA.


I’ve always maintained the hope Bambu would be the first to initiate the Sample Pack of Dawn and small scourer attached to the printer plate. It should be glued in such a way that you literally have to dip the plate in a sink of soapy water to remove it, hence starting the good housekeeping habit.

IPA is ok but minor flaw is the possibility that you’re smearing the said oils further around the plate, I compare it to cleaning my specs how hard it is to get that last smear off.

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