Two quick questions about print canceling and filament dump

Hi, just got the P1P, it’s amazing, I’m loving it. I just have two questions:

  1. I’ve noticed that a few times, when I print something, it goes through the whole nozzle cleaning, auto leveling, etc, and then just… resets. It doesn’t start to print or anything. On the screen, it goes back to the home screen, and the temp set points go back to the default rest states. If I then go to print the part again, it usually works then. What’s going on with this, why might it be doing this?

  2. A bunch of times now, I’d say 30-50% of my prints, when it goes to dump a bunch of filament in the dump chute before starting the auto leveling, the filament that it has dumped coils up in the chute, and when the extruder moves to the right (which should ideally make it run over that little rod to clean off the nozzle tip), the coiled/dumped filament follows it and would get dragged along with the auto leveling procedure if I didn’t manually pull it off. Why is this happening and is there a way to prevent it?

thanks in advance!!

edit: oh two other things. I’m using the SD card only, no printing over wifi or whatever. I saw that formatting the SD card can help, so I did that (on the P1P) and put my .3mf file back on it, but it still does the print canceling thing sometimes. And I just checked, my firmware version is:

Hey, this question is quite old, but out of curiosity why do you only use the SD card slot for printing and not print over wifi?