Unable bind account after 2 weeks was binding


I was using my X1C since 2 weeks ago without no problems. And today, suddenly, the printer was not accesible.
I have done, a reset factory, and try to bind again… But the printer doesn’t show a valid QR code.
The connection and the tests are good.

Neither from Bambu Studio I am able to bind the printer with my account.

Any help? Thank you

I had the same issue. Printer showed offline while internet connection was fine. App and application were not able to connect. This morning, also the same issue, but right now, it seems to be working again. I’ve been able to bind my printer in no-time without any issues.

Perhaps there was a server issue or something.

Mine works just fine.
Just a thought, try setting the language to english instead of spanish, hard reset and try again.

Well…I have finally been able to link the printer to my account. I think it is a problem with my company router.

I tried to bind the printer using the company’s WiFi, and although the printer connected well to the WiFi and the tests were good, it did not show the QR code.

I used my mobile phone like a hotspot to the company’s WiFi and I connected the printer to that WiFi and the printer did not show the QR code either.

Finally I created a WiFi with my mobile phone from my mobile provider, I connected the printer to that WiFi and FINALLY then the printer did show the QR code.

I hope it’s helpful to someone.

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