Unecessary height of purge tower

I am new to bambulab studio. So excuse me if it is a “too newby question”.
I prepared a print with several objects and with a change of color in the lower layers… After this change of filament i keep the same filament for the rest of the printing.
Depite this last lower change of color, the slicer continues to print a purge tower even if it if nit necessary.
Is there a check box to stop the purge tower after the last filament change ?


slice it, the block in the preview is just the placeholder for the positioning


thanks for the tip. It was the good solution…

Alternatlivly you may try this g-code with purge tower fully disabled

I was wondering myself what this strange object was on my prints. Learned something new…it’s a purge tower. New to printing. Now how to learn how to slice it out of the print LOL.