Uninitiated pause in middle of print

I’m printing multiple parts (identical) and noticed that the X1C printer pauses mid-print like it has forgotten what it’s doing. This seems to be in the same spot and occurs once per layer. It starts back up after maybe 15-20 seconds and continues on. Has anyone else noticed this action before? Thoughts?

Related information:

The microSD card seems to ‘forget’ that it has been formatted periodically. This was the case today before I started the print so, I reformatted.

Print was sliced in Orca. Orca version is 1.9.0
Print was sent to microSD and printed from the printer touchscreen.

Running printers firmware as of 01/30/24.

Printers are in LAN only mode

Both of my X1C printers have this microSD anomaly where they forget they have been formatted.

I had the same problem, went through support, had me check all the toolhead cables and that the connectors were solder to the board properly - all okay so I replaced the bambu SD card with a decent Kingston one and it seems to have gone away.

I think they’re using some very cheap/faulty batch of SD cards somewhere.

This was my suspicion as well. I’ve seen faulty SD cards in the past cause issues with firmware. Guess I’ll try swapping them out and see if that helps.

This happened to me before, it was pausing after every layer. I think I’m my case, cutting the power to the printer and restarting it fixed the problem.

SD cards aren’t always the best quality. There are a lot of counterfeit and low-price cards made with cheap/recycled/outdated Flash memory. If you have timelapse turned on, a flakey card can cause the behavior you describe during printing. And of course, if the card “forgets” that it’s formatted that’s likely because it’s just a crappy card with lousy quality Flash memory.

Turn off timelapse and/or remove the SD card before printing and see if it still happens. Betcha it don’t. :slight_smile:

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I’ll try this and see if it helps. Sounds like it is certainly the flash card though. I should have trusted my instinct when I bought it and gone for a more renowned brand. This one’s on me In suppose!

If you have time-laps set to smooth it stops printing puts the head in the same spot to take a picture every layer, if it’s set to traditional the printer should not stop to take it’s pictures.

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I wanted to update on this topic. After reformatting and hard power cycling the printers, everything seems to be back to normal. So, I’ll call that portion a fix for future readers. However, today the same problem presented itself again. Basically, it’s as if the printer just falls asleep mid-print. Today, it occurred during flow calibration. I noticed it so, I stopped the print, reformatted the microSD, hard power cycled, and it’s back to printing as normal.

For reference, I am still using an off brand microSD card on both X1C printers. Only one of them seems to exhibit this issue. I am running in LAN mode nad usually stick ith orcaslicer as well. I can’t help but wonder if Bambu doesn’t like that, but all is well again. I have to keep some files confidential so, BS isn’t an option for me.

Does the problem follow the SD card if you switch printers?


@JonRaymond, that’s a very good question. I hesitate to test that out while all the printers are working, but if the problem arises again, I will absolutely see if switching the card to the other printer causes the working printer to malfunction.

It would be nice to determine if this was truly a bug or just a frugal engineer error in purchase!

This literally just happened to me starting last night. I’ve been using a “SAMSUNG PRO Endurance 256GB MicroSDXC Memory Card with Adapter for Dash Cam, Body Cam, and security camera – Class 10, U3, V30 (‎MB-MJ256KA/AM)” that I had laying around since I got the printer a week ago and had no issues and then randomly starting last night this pause occurred at every layer. I just figured the model I was printing had some weird options set so I let it complete. Came home and started printing something that should take 30mins… just to see the same thing happening, so I searched and came across this post.

I just turned off the printer and reformatted the SD card in the printer (prior to using it I didn’t reformat it anywhere, just popped it in the printer and it worked just fine) and started the exact same print again from cache and its printing just fine. I sincerely doubt this SD card has any actual issues. Perhaps Bambu should look into this a little closer? This isn’t a good thing to happen because there is literally no indication anywhere that the issue is with the SD card!

@pcmike, it’s hit or miss if there is an indication, but sometimes when I start seeing this issue I will also have two other strange things happen:

  1. When a print is finished, there is no option given to reprint.
  2. Sometimes when I load a file to the SD card, it won’t let me print saying it has missing information or the file is corrupt. Also, there is no icon of the part in the viewing window on the display.

So, I do think this is largely related to faulty cards over Bambu doing something strange, but I wonder if it is worth opening a ticket to see if we can get this issue on their radar. I also wonder if it will get any attention since, in my case, I am running my printer in LAN only mode. Thoughts?

I think it’s important. I’m not using LAN only mode and I also know for a fact my card is fine. The only thing I didn’t do initially was format it inside the printer; I believe I formatted it as per the wiki using Disk Utility on OSX. I think it’s something Bambu should look into specifically around whether or not taking the card out and plugging it into Windows or OSX or whatever may cause abnormal behavior once reinserted into the printer due… perhaps due to the crazy .folders or .files that various operating systems create on external drives when they’re connected? Not sure, just a thought.

So, it appears we have two different methods of repeating the same bug. I reformatted on the actual printer multiple times.

Did you ever take the card out and insert it into a computer? If so, what OS? My thought process is that perhaps the act of taking the card out of the printer and putting it into various OS’ results in random folders/files being added to the card and this may impact the card operation once it’s inserted back into the printer. Just a thought, no idea if this is actually the reason or even possible.

@pcmike, my cards have never been inserted into a computer. They went straight from package to printer.