Unload/load filament question with AMS connected

Does anyone know if it is possible to unload filament from external spool using only the P1S controller? I know I can do this using Studio.

Similar question about loading the external spool. is there a load command where you push the filament against the extruder and it cycles the temperature and purges the old filament? Either via the controller or Studio.

Yes, both load and unload work from the controller. For unload you have to manually pull the filament once it’s been cut and the toolhead returns to the purge area. If you listen you can hear the extruder working and the toolhead will make a movement once the filament passes the sensor as you pull it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t then wait for you to load a new filament, you have to then click load and the nozzle will heat up again, the toolhead will do it’s cycle to the front and back before you can push the filament manually into the extruder.