Unload not working?

Hi everybody,
I’ve had the A1 Mini for 3 days now, and since then, I’ve been loading the filament into the printer by holding down the little orange button until the motor starts turning.
This method works, but when I go to the filament section in the menu on the touchscreen and try to unload it, the unload and load buttons are greyed out.
So, the only thing I can do is to press the little orange button again and just pull it out. However, I don’t think this is the proper way to unload the filament, right?

The A1 will unload the filament about 4" from the nozzle at the end of the print.
So what you are doing is fine. If the button is not greyed out, that filament is still loaded, there will only be 1 of 4.

I had kinda of the same thoughts when I started using mine, thinking it would unload all the way.

So Unload is unload from the hotend not through the AMS all the way back.
If this is the case there sould be a buton full onload or unload AMS.

At the beginning I was also wondering where the button for removing the filament was… XD But then I simply pulled the filament from the roll and everything I had to do was clear. The printer does almost everything automatically.

The A1 AMS doesn’t have the ability to respool filament. Each filament holder only has a spring tensioning device, not an active motor to reverse the spool.


I know about that spring tension, but to be honst eatch motor has a controller and these days every controller has more functions than run forward or backwards.
I belive Bambulab has those strings in there hands to just run it backwars, they only need to add like 2 lines of code or so. (just alone to turn the motor backwards UI is a bit more maybe like 10 -15 lines.

My guess is that Bambu finds it’s better if the user respools filament onto the spool as they manually remove it from the AMS rather than the AMS spitting all of the filament out and having several coils of loose unspooled filament flapping about in the breeze getting all tangled.