Unofficial Filament Spool/AMS Compatibility

For those who don’t know, there is an unofficial list of filament spools that do and don’t work with the AMS. You can find the list here: Bambu X1/AMS Community Spool List - Google Sheets

You can also submit your experiences with the google form here:


Also, I need to do some measurements on the spools at some point, but based on a recommendation from the someone on the Discord group, I ordered a couple of spools of TPOIMNS PLA and they’ve worked great for me in the AMS:

I used the generic PLA setting in Bambu Studio. There’s a Black Friday deal going on right now where it’s $15.19 per KG.

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I can confirm that eSun Luminous Blue PLA 1.75mm will work in the AMS. It smelled really, really horrible when printing… almost a skunky smell mixed with almost a burnt plastic smell. I was kinda worried that it was going to foul up everything, but it ended up turning out pretty good.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I was told on the discord server that glow-in-the-dark filament should not be used in the AMS. Apparently the partials in the filament that make it glow can be pretty hard on the gears/tubes/etc in the AMS… worse than wood fill. So, if you’re going to use this this stuff (and it is kinda fun stuff to print with) don’t use the AMS.