Unwanted Support Structures

Hello everyone,

I’m having an issue with unwanted support structures in Bambu Studio. It wouldn’t be an issue if these supports were easy to remove from the print, but they are adhered enough that I end up breaking my parts while trying to pry them out. They are not supporting anything at the top of the print. In fact, they terminate about 20mm before the top of the print for no apparent reason.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Have you tried changing the support style to “Snug”? This should remove the support that generates from the build plate and up the part.

Sorry, I meant to take the screenshot showing that I already had that selected. So yes, I am using that option already.

Have you tried painting with the support blocker to control where the support generates?

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Changing the threshold angle by enough should get rid of them, I would think.


Yes, but the problem is that the area where these towers are generating is under support material, not under any face of the model. The groove it my model is clean all the way up, but Bambu Studio still wants to place a tower inside of it, even with “snug” selected.

It must be my geometry somehow. Cura is doing this too, but the results are a lot more manageable…The sad thing is that I like a lot of the settings in Bambu Studio over Cura, but I might have to use Cura for this print if there isn’t a solution in Bambu…

I tried 1 thru 90, with no change.

I found it guys! I changed the value for “Support/Object xy distance” to 1mm and since the gap is less than 1mm, they were eliminated.

Anyway, thanks for all of the suggestions in the mean time!

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Have you tried adjusting the support to object xy distance?

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Beat me to it by mere seconds lol :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted.

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