Uploading Images to Makerworld


I am trying to upload my files for the first time to makerworld and I cannot do it because makerworld won’t load my JPEG images. Am I doing something wrong? Only the cover image loads, but whenever I try to upload images of the printed model the images stay at 0% no matter how long I wait.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Did you encounter such problem when rating a print profile or leaving a comment?
If possible, could you provide a screenshot for this?

There are no issues when rating or commenting other people’s print files. (Done on my phone)

The problem I’m encountering is on makerworld.com. For example, when I click the + button to add a file or an image, nothing pops up. I have to manually drag the photos to the + icon on makerworld.

Whenever I add images of my print to verify that I actually printed the model, the images stay at 0% never loading. Only the cover image loads which is usually a screenshot from my computer. I tried .JPEG and .PNG and nothing worked.

I will provide a screenshot when I can.

So I just tried uploading the images from a windows PC and it worked. It seems like makerworld is having an issue with my macbook pro? I don’t see why, but I can’t think of any other reason why it won’t work on my macbook but it worked on a windows PC right away.

Any sort of adware blockers or other addons? Or could be some other security thing going on? Which browser are you using? For example, chrome vs safari, vs firefox. Like if you’re using Safari on the mac, but chrome on windows, maybe try chrome or firefox on the mac? Or safari if you’re using chrome on both, or whatever web browser you use.

I had weirdly similar issues on a different website. It seems to be chrome that’s the issue though, because I’d pop open microsoft edge (so edgy), and it’d work fine.

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I am using chrome and was wondering if it is actually the browser blocking something. I will try Safari when I get off work today and see how that goes. Chrome on my work PC worked just fine though and I pretty much use the same exact profile on both computers with the same extensions etc… weird.