Uploads, profiles, points, do's & don'ts per the guidelines?

First of all I am a supporter/fan of BL after finally ditching the every day (hour) tinkering inherent to Creality printers. So I am fairly new to the workings of the MakerWorld/BambuLab universe. 3D printing for 3+ years.

Recently I was dinged for a week for not doing uploads the correct way. It came as a surprise…I chalked it up to still learning procedures & guidelines. It was unintended and I learned (I think). It had to do with not uploading an actual print of the completed model. I thought a pic of the 3D renderings would suffice and I was wrong.
Now I see pretty flagrant uploads that stand out like a sore thumb. Examples: Dubmehard (@dubmehard), Ri0m0. (@Ri0m0.), & MaxTee (@MaxTee). These examples have quite literally hundreds of uploads with computer generated images (Photo Shopped), but yet BLab has not caught on to it. 02/13/2024

I guess the question is does BLab use an algorithm to check uploads or is manual or do they look the other way with prolific uploaders? How hard is it to double/triple up user accounts and do the point farm “thing” as other forum topics have addressed? Seems to me as to be more trouble than it would be worth.

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Thanks for your mention. Honored to be a reference.
Son, I’m uploading models with actual photos.
Maybe are still present some old models without, these were published in times when that was allowed. Of that models I’m printing an example soon, anyways.
New models have all pictures.
You can publish a model with no pictures if you publish the model only, without print profile.
Long live creality printers.
Best wishes for your work.