Use AMS to avoid running out of filament?

Is it possible to use the AMS to avoid running out of filament? Say I need to print a 1kg model. I have 1/2kg of filament on a spool. Can I use the AMS to use up the 1/2kg spool and then automatically switch to a fresh spool of the same material?


As far as i know, this is not possible at the moment. But Bambu said, they are working on it.
A workaround i can imagine is inserting both spools into the AMS and paint the model, so it uses the second spool after a specific hight.
This requires you to try to calculate, after which hight the 1/2Kg are used up.

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This seems like an easy option to install in the software, can anyone there work on this? I could really really use this feature

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I doubt this could be reliable enough to offer without specific support from filament reels.
The reels I have seen end with a hard 90 degree bend to poke into a hole in the reel core. I don’t know what Bambu reels (or refills) are like.

The 90 degree bend would almost certainly jam at the AMS entry hole ruining the print. If it did manage to feed through the AMS it would have to be clean enough to pass through the extruder gears and clean enough for the end of the new filament to push it into the hot end.

It could work if you can guarantee the end of the filament is clean and straight, but, then how do they wind it onto the reel?

This was added in the latest update of Bambu Studio :slight_smile:

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I just tried this, it looks like this feature has not been enabled yet, any idea when this will start working? As of now same spool types and material / color do not automate next spool usage, I have to manually add the new spool

EDIT : Just found this, you have to check the option for it in the AMS settings

EDIT EDIT: It looks like there is a bug in the toggle. You have to manually toggle it after every software launch.

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Tripple EDIT : The toggle turns itself off, this feature currently does not work

When does the switch go off?

I can confirm that the automatic change to the next spool of the same colour and material works - I tested it today and it’s great.

Apparently, my firmware was not updated until today. There must have been a slow roll out as I was using the lastest Bambu Slicer but the firmware wasn’t available yet. After it finally came down the pipe today everything seems to be working the way its suppose to.

Despite the same filament and colour settings, it still does not work. Does it need a filament with RFID identification?

The thing that helped me was to make sure the firmware was the latest. However, I am now having a problem with my P1P and the AMS where the button does not show up at all, but does show up on the Carbon

Where is this toggle you speak of? Can’t find it anywhere! tks

The P1P does not have this feature as of firmware 1.0

There is a checkbox that you have to check on. It is in the AMS settings on the printer. I will be testing it here soon as I have just enough gray left and whole new one next to it. It has to be the exact same color and type (ABS, PETG, etc). I will report back on my testing. Oh, and I have the X1C for reference.

To confirm, this works perfectly. I had two rolls of gray in there and as soon as the one was empty, it switched to the new one with no issues whatsoever.

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THis currently only works on the Bambu Carbon and NOT the p1p as of the 1.0 firmware on the p1p

Also works well, but only within the first AMS it won’t auto-switch between two AMS units nor will it auto-switch between two filaments in a second AMS. Raised as a bug/feature request with Bambu Labs.