Use caution with your build plates and IPA

Kept getting the build plate localization error using the dual sided textured PEI. I know it’s said that you can ignore this error but every time I try, I have first layer issues. Not sure if it’s that I’m printing PETG or what. First layer under-extrudes or the height is off or something as there is no adhesion and I have to cancel.

Anyway, cleaning the plate with some alcohol, I realize that the paint at the front is coming off on my paper towel. Pretty disappointing…

Interesting. I messed up one of my QR codes by writing a bed label on it a bit too close to the qr code with a sharpie, and then trying to remove the sharpie with IPA.

I have often found problems if I press continue after a localisation error - so I now always cancel the print and restart.

I think if you mess up the qr code it is possible to print out a new one and stick it onto the right place on the bed (like they do one some non BL plates).

I’m intending to do that when I need to start using the bed side that I messed up the QR code on.

Ps/ I am finding on the BL black textured sheets for printing PLA I only need to use IPA (or soapy water) about once every few weeks as they seem to stay sticky for 100s of prints with out any attention.

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Yeah, mostly I was just cleaning greasy fingerprints where I had handled the plate. Also, trying to remove some stubborn PETG. I can get some of those images to print out. Used one on an aftermarket plate. Just seems kind of silly that Bambu would “require” this marker and then print it in something that isn’t resistant to the most commonly used bed cleaner…

No idea why the prints fail every time when I “resume”. It’s still doing bed levelling and the flow calibration but it sure fails in great fashion. The calibration lines seem to lay down alright but it’s like it forgets the bed mesh or something when it gets to the print. Some lines lay down fine and then there’s a couple that just “float in the air” with no adhesion.

What kind of alcohol. I have cleaned the entire surface of my plate with IPA hundreds of times and the printing is still there.

adding a little more info –

The first bottle of IPA that I was using was 91%. I have switched to 70% after doing some research that shows that when used as a solvent, IPA works better when diluted so that it does not evaporate so fast.

I have had my printer since February and printed about 40 kg of filament so far. I have done a lot of cleaning during that time. I just tried to scrub off the lettering and here is what my plate looks like right now.