Use door switch to aid in making sure bed is clear before print starts

Currently the door switch is not used on these printers. A great use for it would be to detect if the door was opened between prints.

I’m not sure if I am a special kind of idiot but I frequently start my next print then have to scramble to grab my parts off the bed when I see them on the camera. The printer could simply pause and send a notification if it sees that the door has not been opened since the last print has completed.

[Print finishes] => [door opened] => [new print starts, door was opened, bed assumed clear, continue]


[Print finishes] => [door hasn’t been opened] => [new print starts, door was NOT opened, pause and prompt user to make sure bed is clear]

I know the printer scans the bed with lidar to make sure the bed is clear, but it will still crash itself if you print a tall object. This would add an additional layer of protection to prevent that.


In some cases, the user may have a printing job with door open :slight_smile:


So why don’t we do this you print and when it it done take the prints off the bed. Hence why the door is clear glass lol

As soon as you make something idiot-proof the world will make a better idiot.

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What if I want to print multiple small items in different corners of the bed plate without opening the door?