Use of TPU


I understand that the AMS is not designed to be working with TPU and it’s not planned to change that.
If you need to print TPU anyhow, how do you do that? Do you disconnect the whole AMS or can you just remove one connector and feed the TPU manually?

What’s about the following idea: use a Hub with one AMS and use one of the other inputs to manually feed TPU? I doubt it’s supported in terms of software, but could it work?


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On Thingiverse or Printables you will find a Y-conntector for the PTFE tube. To disable the AMS disconnect the plug and use the second entry from to Y-connector to push your TPU in. Don’t use the hub.

You mean this?

How is the tube secured? Does not look it will be reliable?

I using this one:
it works perfect.

I printed and use it myself (this model). Depends a bit on tolerances etc (I like higher speed and thicker layer lines) you may need to shrink the model. I shrinked it to 95% and it the PTFE tube snug fits enough to hold in place during operation of the AMS.

But if you have the components, the splitter Flashy has linked is surely more secure.


I printed this one here : Printables

It works for me. Using one printed in PA. I have about 18" of tube in the other side which plugs into a dryer box for TPU, stuff I want to keep really dry, and stuff I can’t be bothered to load into the AMS for a 1 off.