Using an X1 as a vinyl cutter

Hi all,

I’ve just put together a mod for my X1 to replace the extruder gear assembly with a drag knife to use it as a vinyl cutter, and I’ve put together a whole bunch of documentation on how to build it and use it:

It’s a pretty small print, and once you put it together, it takes only around 5 minutes to swap back and forth between 3D printer mode and vinyl cutter mode. For a laugh, I filmed and edited an instructional video in the style of the Bambu ones, too :slight_smile:

It’s working pretty reliably for me at this point. For instance, I’ve been able to use it to cut astonishingly good details on some vinyl that I plan to use as a mask for painting my bike – there are a few defects around start positions, but I think those might be fixable with some G-code generator changes.

For those of you who ask ‘why on earth did you do this?’, the short answer is ‘because I am pretty space constrained in my current residence, and if I can use my Bambu 3-axis CNC machine as a 2-axis CNC machine, rather than buying a separate Silhouette-brand 2-axis CNC machine, that would be meaningful in keeping the clutter down’. The long answer is ‘because I realized it was possible, and I have absolutely no self control’.

Hope this is useful for someone other than just me. And if not useful, I hope it’s amusing!