Using Bambu dual silk without shredding?

A few months back I purchased a spool of Bambu dual silk, and after trying to print it (X1C) the first time, it clogged the hotend and then the extruder AND the first stage feeder (and miraculously not the AMS hub.) I figured it was just too wet, but didn’t have time to deal with it at the time, so I shoved it in a vacuum bag and put it on hold.

I recently got a Creality dryer so I shoved it in that, set it to 60 and let it run for a day and a half or so, until it was all the way down to 15% RH. Put it in the AMS, and it immediately shredded in the AMS internal hub so I got to take apart that damnable thing.

I see there’s some closed threads here talking about this as well. Has anyone had any luck getting this stuff to work without coming apart in the feeders somewhere? It’s SUPER frustrating. Is it just straight up not AMS compatible? (Weirdly, the other filaments that the system says are ‘AMS dicey’ - like PLA-CF - print like a dream on this machine. So weird.

Meanwhile, my MatterHackers Quantum that I threw in on a whim prints like a charm, every time, no issues or hiccups. I’m just frustrated that the supposedly premium stuff from my printer vendor is literally unusable.

If anybody has any tips, I’d love to hear them.