Using old Bambu RFID tags for non-Bambu filaments for AMS sync issues

I have a P1S (v., AMS (v., and using Bambu Studio (

Custom filaments will not sync with my AMS. (Temporarily disabled for P1S, mentioned here: AMS sync disable for P1S/P)
Here’s what I’ve done:

  • I hadn’t thrown out the cardboard spools from my Bambu PLA filament. I took the RFID strips, trimmed them, and taped them to the sides of the non/Bambu filaments.
  • In my case the Bambu PLA filament parameters work well with the non-Bambu filament.
  • I am sure there are many other possibilities using this hack, like dialing in filament specific settings.
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Good point!
But this might be hard to do when you go with more exotic filament choices.
Ive seen the filament sync work with both P1 and A1 Series printers in the latest firmware. (Beta on A1)
But you have to use an older Bambu Studio Version to see your custom filaments in the dropdown.

The sync system even on the X1 is meh, I’ve got to the point where the tags are superfluous and just another step that takes more effort than its worth (in my opinion). I still use what I have but slowly phasing them out with the new materials/colours I get as I’m going fully offbrand.

I may dig them out if they fully open the system to customising. I will always use the Bambu Spools sans their Cardboard Core with these Core for Bambu Respools by LaterRon - MakerWorld.