Very loud and annoying main board ventilation fan noise

Hi there!

just received the A1 and very surprised by the main board ventilation noise. Really annoying.
Do you also experiment this? Maybe it comes from my unit?

I’ve just measured the noise at idle with mainboard fan only.

To me it is way to much, far from what I expected and obviously much more than my former Prusa Mini+
May I kindly ask one of you to measure this on your own printer, before I submit a ticket to the support team?
Many thanks in advance!



Is that sitting idle or printing?

2 weeks ago I was investigating a printer fan issue for 20-30min until I got the idea that the board that is laying on could make the noise more noticable. Grabbed the printer and hold it in air until printing. So sileeeeeeeent.

It was not A1 but since then I have tested it on another printer with IKEA LACK table and it is sooooooo noisy.
So just in case try putting it on something hard and heavy. If you have floor that is not wooden is great way to test if this is your issue too.

In general WHILE printing with fan off (i checked the profile it says 60% if layer is more than 80 sec or smth) or at 60% not sure I can barely hear the thing. NO chance if it is not nighttime therefore very silent.

But I can measure it somehow if wish

Same here, I have received my A1 mini a few days ago and I find the main board fan very loud and at frequencies which make it quite annoying. At which distance did you measure the noise level ?

probably form the same production batch, since mine arrived on the 2nd of December.
The noise level hase been measured 50cm from the printer.
I did open a ticket, they will send me a replacement fan.
Hopefully it will solve it, this noise is so annoying.

Thanks for you answer and your comments.
I tried to grab th printer in the air, the terrible noise is still here. For the moment the furniture on which the printer is placed is sturdy. It is definitely an issue with fan itself.

BBL immediately decided to send a new fan.


If you want to file a ticket to BBL, it is better if you attach some video, and noise level measurements.



OK I am starting to worry now as I received mine the same time.
As I have nothing to compare it out.

How can I see if it is okay or not? Can you do a video?

I had a super noisy main board fan in one of my P1S units. Bambu sent me a replacement fan. It resolved the issue.


Thank you for sharing your experience. BBL sent me a fan, I’m waiting…I’ll post an update when it has been replaced.

What´s your update on this? Did it solve the issue? I also have an very loud fan…

Hi there,

Short update :

-fan replaced, with a new from BBL. Noise level is the same, but more constant and less annoying.
-I printed a TPU sole for the new fan, which I placed between the fan and the heat dissipator of the drivers on the main board–> didn’t help much.
-To me, the main issue is that the main board fan is not controlled in close loop, it just starts acording a preset.
-All in all that is a big dissapointment for me, the general noise level of this A1 mini is much higher than a Prusa Mini (external power supply, passive cooling on mainboard).
Hopefully BBL can fix it in further update?