Very slow support - Printer offline for over 3 weeks now

Dear Bambu Lab Team,

unfortunately my X1C TH board is broken. Opened a support ticket and received a replacement board. Unfortunately something seems to be wrong because hotend temperature is always < 10°C and filament sensor is triggered without loaded filament. Still waiting for an answer from support team, nothing happened so far. I’m a little bit annoyed because my printer is offline for over three weeks now.

This is not acceptable for me.

Hello Bambu Lab? Anybody out there? Still no ticket feedback so far!!!

Do you have an extra thermistor to try? The thin wires break easily, and that could cause it to get stuck at one temp.

To reach someone from the team here is rare, but they already stated a few weeks ago their support is not able to cover the huge amount of tickets. And it still applies to this day.

Already tried averything possible.