Visible Lines after Overhang walls

Hello everyone,

I am new to FDM printing. I received my P1S recently. I printed different stuff. One thing I can´t get rid of are lines after overhang walls as marked in the photo.

The 3DBenchy in the photo was printed with the “0.08mm High Quality” profile in Orca Slicer with Bambu Lab PLA that comes with the printer and a 0.4 nozzle. The PLA was tried. I also tried Basic PLA from SUNLA. Nozzle temperatur is 220 Celsius. Bed temperature is 55 Celsius.

I doesn´t make a difference if I use Bambu Studio or the Orca Slicer.
I tried already low speeds between 20 - 60mm and low acceleration. I also tried to change the speed for outer, inner walls and so on to the same speed to exclude that the speed change is an issue. Also the wall print order inner/outer and inner/outer/inner makes no difference. I calibrated the flow dynamics and the flow rate.

What I have noticed is that the lines only appear after a overhang walls. Are my expectations to high and this is normale or is something not right?