Want to change Preorder

Hello #teambambu

i want to change my Pre Order from the X1 to the X1C . I have wrote a Email to sales@bambulab.com two weeks ago but get no answer. Can anyone Help ??


Please open a support ticket and our Customer Support team will help ASAP.


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I changed from the X1C to the X1CC. I had to cancel one order and place another. They held my place in the queue.

Problem with that is the Support Ticket wants a Serial Number as part of the ticket creation (mandatory field).

What should be used ? I entered one using my order number (and it worked) but I’m not sure that’s the right way.

you can also fill in “0” as serial number , that works to

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Is that “noted” anywhere ? I mean… sigh

@BambuLab - PLEASE add a note to the Ticket Page like this - (If you haven’t gotten your printer yet, Please use 0 for the serial number).

I have used “0” as Serial Number

What’s the average turn around time you guys are seeing on tickets? I opened one a few days ago as I haven’t received an order confirmation email from an order last month but I was charged.