Warning After slicing

After slicing a model I get this Warning hope someone can help.

Add support , prepare / support /enable support

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The reason you are getting this error is probably due to the overhanging hinged section of your model. The first layer of the “pin” is printing in mid air.


You can either ignore it (it’s a warning) as the section is pretty small and the print should recover or as the above poster mentioned, enable support.


Slicer thinks you need supports somewhere, but for some reason, you are missing the whole Support menu. Mine shows the menu whether I’ve enabled support or not, in both Global and Object mode.

Maybe it’s time for a Studio update?

I considered the possibility that the side panel was too narrow to show all the items, but Studio (beta will not allow resizing the panel. OrcaSlicer does allow narrowing the panel, but it then adds a scroll bar at the bottom, and “Others” is the first item that disappears on the right, not an item in the middle.

If you click on an object in an assembly the Support option isn’t available.


Click on the assembly (Cube) and the support menu returns.