Warning, lead screws need lubrication! What lube/grease?!?

Howdy mates,

I hastily need your educated expertize advice.

This Warning just popped up,
“Lead Screws may need lubrication!” (Then choice go to maintainence page y/n)

Now the question is with what lube/grease?

Is there any kind of lube/grease I can get in a local shop (Sweden) for now?
I have a bottle of synthetic oil in my trunk (Synthetic motoroil for my “sportscar”, best in 9/10 tests)
I have spray lithium grease can at my parents an hrs drive away…
I have molycote (oil free?) next to my reloading press
I have red consistance grease for heavy duty machinery applications (Use it also on some reloading press stuff)
I have airsoft silicone spray (oil free not eating o-rings)
Probably have some gun grease or break free and stuff if I turn my range bag upside down…
Is anything here usable for now?

How imminent is the lubing issue, it is Friday can I continue with the print files I need before next week?

Can anyone link what grease I should buy? It would be greatly appreciated mates!!!

Can I skip the warning and deal with this next week without doing any damage?
I have some prototypes printing that I need to finish before next week and time is tight asf…

I need your expertize advice mates!

May the force be with you!


This is an area I would like to see Bambu offer better options or information. They call out an industrial lubricant in this KB, but I cannot find it available for retail sale anywhere.

How to lubricate the lead screws | Bambu Lab Wiki

I have ordered but not yet used both of these after seeing them recommended on a youtube video for performing maintenance on the X1

Super Lube 92003 Silicone Lubricating Grease with PTFE, 3 oz Tube, Translucent White: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

Super Lube 51004 Synthetic Oil with PTFE, High Viscosity, 4 oz Bottle,Translucent white: Fishing Equipment: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

(177) 10 Bambu Lab Maintenance Steps You MUST Do! - YouTube


You should have received a small package with grease with your printer. Had the same message a week ago and used the included grease. It’s in a small silver bag.


What, I thought that was thermal grease for assembling the extra nozzle?
As in thermal grease used for the thermistor when assembling the extra provided 0,4 spare nozzle?
(As in NOT grease-grease, but thermal grease to travel the heat from the thermistor to the nozzle)

Am I wrong?


Please read the above reply Nikolay79,

so you are telling me that is not the thermal grease provided for assembling the spare 0,4mm nozzle/thermistor asf?!?


I got thermal grease and a lubricant grease, see photo. I meant the lubricant grease, this is for greasing the rods.


what’s good for the car is good for the printer lead screws .i use CV joint grease for cars
CV joint grease has to deal with high temps im very sure it can deal with lead screws lol


I need to look closer in the little cardboard letter that came with the printer! :crazy_face:


No, do NOT use the lil pouch labeled Thermal Grease… I bought a 3 pack of Super Lube, that I cannot find where I got it from, but I used that on my Ender 3s leadscrew, so I used it on my X1C the other day as I received the same message on my printer while it was printing.

Yeah, don’t use the thermal grease… ask me how I know.


I won’t ask but I am betting it involved a lot of swearing afterwards. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

i just slathered on some shin-etsu i had on the table.

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Seems grease would cake up and hold dust and grit.
Removing all the old grease between threads is difficult.
Wiping the old grease off the lead screw only presses the grit in between the threads.
I think a thick oil like Super Lube is best for his application.
The bed should be raised to top and oil applied sparingly.
Then lower bed and apply to top of screw.

The oil will still collect the grit, but will constantly flow it downward. New applications of oil will aid this process.


I HIGHLY recommend DuPont Krytox GPL-205. It is not cheap but I have never found anything that beats it. I was developed for use in outer space. It is non-toxic (except for fumes given off when used above 500 deg. F).
A little goes a long way and I would guess a thin film will outlast your printer. It is truly amazing. It can be purchased in 0.5 oz. tubes on Amazon for $24.95. Just be sure to wash your hands after use to avoid getting in your eyes.


Why would you need such an expensive lubricant on an axis that only makes relatively slow moves?

You can basically use anything you like on there, the worst thing that can happen is, that you have to wipe it away and use something else instead.

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It comes with the grease for your first service and then they sell it.

I use this

It’s grease but is oily

Singer Lubricant, 1/2-Fluid Ounce https://a.co/d/hyzNggN

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I see your picture and I believe you that you got a bag of lubricant grease with your printer.

However I did unfortunately n o t get that bag, I have googled and I think I got everything else.
(I have some sort of OCD so the first step I took was get a sortiment box and carefully labeled and tucked each provided detail in to the assortment/sortiment box. I do have the thermal grease one. But maybe they did not provide the lubricant bag back in January when I purchased my X1CC?)

Sigh… I aimed to do the complete maintenance but I guess I have to get something else until I can get the original compounds. :roll_eyes:
I have been ooogling the shop page, have an itching urge to purchase a second X1CC.
Hmm if my boss (g/f) sees another one in the livingroom I’m in big trouble, and when I say big I mean B I G!
Hmmm, still got the itch tho…


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Just purchased a 3-Pack of Super Lube 21030, Synthetic Grease PTFE, even comes with a nozzle if you choose to use it. Appears this Synthetic Grease should work just fine and for the price, it can’t be beat.


Great info here! And yes, I agree…one of the best forums I have ever been a part of !!!

I just received the same lead screw lube message. I’m surprised to see it so soon. I just received the machine 4 weeks ago and haven’t printed more than 50 hrs on it.

Is that a reasonable time period for this maintenance?

What parameter do you suppose it’s using to justify the message?



BTW, I saw a lead screw cleaning tool on Printables…