Warping no matter what :(

soap, dry, ipa, dry, glue, print
the textured just soap and ipa

People need to stop using IPA. Hot water and dish soap. End of story.

You haven’t happened to use any silicon base lubricates inside the printer have you?

You can also try adding a brim. (0 brim-object gap) and upping the PEI bed temp.


on the textured ? ok.
no, no silicon based lubricates :wink:
i am now try to add a brim and reduce the top layers… we will see

Looking at this part design I will have to say that this is an invitation for warping. The V-Notches on the bottom significantly reduce the contact area to the build plate and with it the adhesion force furthermore those notches do create weak areas / hinge points to which the continuous layers printed above generate a lot of force on.

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In your circumstance with this kind of warping, 35C bed temperature is way, way too low. The higher the bed temp the better it should stick.

There’s not just one way to skin this cat. Throw everything you’ve got at it.


It looks like a gridfinity base I had issues with a long time ago, i ended up using all the tricks to get it halfway ok. As @Panamon_Creel mentioned the design invites warping imho. Uneven cooling is giving you grief.

Brim and a good surface (clean and glued) with no Aux fan or any cool breezes from other sources are a start. Depending on the ambient temp in the room, I’d bump the plate up 5c to get that little bit extra bite of the filament. I’ve moved on from GF but if I’m faced with big flat areas with sharp corners I tend to add some “mouse ears” for added insurance. PS. I find having a few layers straight up and down (eg like a box with no chamfer) on the base can help too, chamfers on first layers are inviting pulled edges

As I have my experience of glass print plates, I can say that temperatures around 68°C work quite well to keep a print on the plate. I have also experimented with bringing a warping print back up to the print plate at over 70°C. Mostly this involved PLA. With PETG I could easily go to 72°C or higher.

I will soon receive a new package from Bambulab Shop. Then I can inaugurate my new glass plate. To be honest, if a print warps that much, I would only print it on glass that is a few millimetres thick. 3D varnish on glass works great and then set the bed temperature higher.

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ok … i just wanted to let you know that i solved the issue, although i will go into further testing to know if there have been some finally unneccessary changes.

  • switched off the auxfan
  • first 5 layers without any cooling
  • bedtemp for the 1st layer to 45°c
  • bedleveling test

worked on the coolplate with gluestick and smooth pei without anything

printed a lot since then and never had any problems at all

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thank you for sharing your solution.:blush: Are you printing with the housing (door, lid) open or closed? I have the same problem with my X1C and am currently collecting tips and tricks to combat warping. :muscle: